Give Back this Lent

Diverse Abilities, Dorset’s disability charity, is asking for support from the local community to ‘give back’ this lent as part of the national campaign, 40 Acts of Lent, from Wednesday 18 February.  Diverse Abilities has created its own ’40 days 40 ways’ to give back to the charity that supports children and adults with disabilities, and their families during its special 60th anniversary year.

During the 40 days there are 40 simple ways you can give back to Diverse Abilities. It could be by tweeting some celebrities about Diverse Abilities, volunteering at one of the charity’s services, signing up to a challenge or even putting a collection pot at your place of work.  There is something for everyone.

Diverse Abilities is asking those that take part in the initiative to take a selfie undertaking one or more of the 40 ways and tweet the charity or add on Facebook to share with friends. Why not add the hashtags #40acts #lent #diverseabilities too!

Jenny Pearce, communications manager at Diverse Abilities, said: “Whatever your age, Diverse Abilities is asking you to get involved, give back this lent and share the joy of being generous by simple acts of goodwill. Over the 40 days of lent we hope many local people give back and further support those with disabilities in Dorset.”

For further information regarding the 40 Acts of Lent visit www.40acts.org.uk

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