Dorset Disability Charity Backs Action on Stroke Month

Dorset Disability Charity Backs Action on Stroke Month

Advice service Disability Wessex, run by Dorset charity Diverse Abilities, is backing this month’s Action on Stroke campaign by calling out to those in the local area to be more mindful of mini-stroke or TIA (transient ischaemic attack) symptoms.

The Stroke Association reports that every year at least 46,000 people in the UK have a TIA or mini-stroke for the first time and although the symptoms do not last long, it is very serious as it is a sign that the person is at risk of having a stroke.

Disability Wessex is backing the campaign by stressing the importance of understanding the warning signs of a stroke and being prepared for the future by organising a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), before it’s too late.

Disability Wessex is recommending that local people create and register a LPA sooner rather than later as a stroke, and potentially many other illnesses or accidents, can cause the inability to make major decisions in your life, for example – managing finances, deciding on health treatments, where to live or be cared for. Therefore creating a LPA ensures your wishes are abided by and a family member(s) or trusted friend(s) can make decisions on your behalf just in the case an accident or illness occurs.

Nikki Haswell, Advice Manager at Disability Wessex, said: “Experiencing a stroke can cause a loss of mental capacity and can occur at any age, even in your 20s! If you have a stroke you may lose the ability to make decisions yourself so even if you haven’t received the warning signs yet, it is a good idea to get organised and register an LPA so the people you choose can make the decisions about your life you would want them to.”

Disability Wessex is on hand to offer advice regarding LPAs and can also create and register the document. The service is not-for-profit but does make a charge for its service, although it is considerably cheaper than most solicitors.

Nikki added: “If you experience an illness or accident and an LPA has not been created, your family will need to apply to the court for a deputyship and this is much more complicated, a longer process and more expensive. Therefore it is a benefit to you and your family to create an LPA now!”

For further information or to book an appointment, please contact, the Advice Service on 0300 3305514.

For more information on Action on Stroke month visit

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