Would you like to decide in advance whether there are medical treatment you would not want to receive if you were involved in an accident or lost mental capacity?

The advice team can assist you with creating legally binding instructions to medical professionals refusing specified medical treatments or procedures. It is a way of planning ahead, while you are still able to. This will ensure that even if you are unconscious or mentally incapable of making a decision at a specific time, you are not given a treatment you do not wish to have.

The advance decision covers all medical procedures and treatments which you do not wish to be given, which need to be listed specifically. Examples of types of treatments you might want to refuse are:

  • Artificial ventilation (a machine breathing for you)
  • Being put on a life-support machine
  • Being given a blood transfusion
  • Being “peg-fed” (in other words via a tube directly in to your stomach or other part of your digestive system)
  • Being given a specific psychiatric or other drug to which you know you react badly.

You may wish to create an advance decisions if you are approaching the end of your life and it is highly likely you will lose capacity e.g. Motor Neurones Disease, Huntingdon’s Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; or you have a chronic severe mental health condition, which fluctuates, so that they have periods of mental incapacity and periods of rational thought and capacity e.g. bi-polar affective disorder, schizophrenia; or even any fit, able adult who wants to plan ahead, in case they have an accident, stroke or sudden loss of capacity.

Creating an advance decision is a simpler and therefore a less expensive alternative to creating a health and welfare lasting power of attorney, although it is more limited and doesn’t give anyone else decision making authority nor cover anything other than refusing medical treatment.

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